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One night around a camp fire it suddenly hit me that I needed to leave my life behind and start anew. That night I threw my sleeping bag and some clothes in my car and started driving. I had no idea where the moonlit road would take me, but I knew I felt alive. I felt free. I drove for a week across North America. In blissful anticipation of nothing more than what lay behind the next bend. I drove until I ran out of gas one day and decided to leave my car behind and continue on foot. I met many helpful and interesting characters as I wandered along. Still not knowing where I was going except “anywhere I haven’t been yet.” At the least challenging my fears of being on the Truman Show. After many wonderful, and some difficult cold nights, I found a place to stay. I spent a lot of time just listening to myself in silence. Hoping whatever it is I am meant to do would start screaming “over here!” But it never did. Though I knew I had always wanted to be an artist, I also realized the reason I didn’t go to art school was because I was too afraid of failing something I cared so much about. Instead, I settled for a school and career path that wouldn’t hurt as bad if I ended up being a disaster.

So in May of 2017 I bought a sketchbook and decided to commit to 365 days of drawing. In the beginning I was only drawing for myself. I drew whales, flowers, crystals, and lots of stars and planets. As I drew more and became more comfortable taking creative liberties I started seeing a surreal, whimsical, and slightly dark edge take shape in most of my work. Eventually I began to build up a small arsenal of my own unique artistic techniques. My personal "style" was developing, along with my audience. I never expected more than a handful of people to be interested in my work. The first time I sold a piece of art to someone I had never met was one of the best feelings of my life. It really started a fire within me, giving a voice to my mind and soul. Everything I am is in my art. It’s my experience; my loves, my pain, my demons, and the way I make any sense of this crazy human existence. I couldn't be more thankful to those of you who decide to partake and support me in my creative journey.

Eli M Klemmeck aka Neomlei


Friday, September 27, 2019 at 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Earlier Event: August 25